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High Liner Foodservice

High Liner Foodservice

K-12 Schools

Students and Seafood. A perfect pair.

With seafood products from High Liner Foodservice, you’ll always find a better combination of flavor, fun and nutrition—all in budget-friendly offerings that are easy to prepare and serve.

    Why High Liner Foodservice is the perfect seafood partner for K to 12.

    2X a week. It’s recommended that kids eat at least two servings of seafood per week.

    With options low in sodium and saturated fats, High Liner Foodservice Seafood helps you navigate the health needs of kids all while still being big on flavor.


    92% of students said they would like to try an Alaska Pollock taco.

    With High Liner Foodservice, you’ll always find the right combination of flavor, fun and innovation—all in budget-friendly offerings that are easy to prepare and serve. Like our Alaskan Pollock – perfect for tacos!

    Many fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which supports a healthy brain, heart, eyes, immune system and may reduce the chance of childhood allergies.

    High Liner Foodservice has seafood options that contain important Omega-3 fatty acids. Seafood they’ll love and that’s good for them.

    66% of students believe having sustainable food is important

    At High Liner Foodservice, we’re focused on the health of tomorrow. Fully committed to transparency and cleaner labels – all part of our unbeatable sustainability story.


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    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    It is critical for our future that we manage our fisheries responsibly. When it comes to seafood, sustainable fishing practices mean that product has been caught in a manner that ensures the long term viability of our environment and oceans. Since making our sustainability commitment in late 2010, High Liner Foodservice has developed a comprehensive database to identify the sustainability status of all our seafood.